Automations don't always work

I use a calendar in a dashboard that populates based on the tag #email.
The dashboard pulls from 8 boards.
The Automation says “If item is created in [any of these eight] board and has tag #email, then create item in [email] dashboard” which is set up in a calendar view.
It works about 85% of the time, but I can’t identify what is different about the ones that don’t populate, that’s making them not populate.

@basdebruin @BiancaT @Julietteb @JCorrell your insights here are appreciated.

Hey @RoxanneR!

Can you please send over a screenshot of the automation for me? Alternatively if it’s possible (and no sensitive data is displayed) would you be happy to share a screen-recording of the steps you’re taking to trigger the automation and the outcome? You can use the online, free tool to send over a link. This will just provide us with a little more visual context to test this on our end - thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks for the reply, Bianca. I realized what was the key to preventing the 15% or so from not displaying. In the Calendar Widget’s settings, I needed to choose groups. Some groups were not selected.

I do wonder, though, if I currently have “all groups” selected from the various boards, if I add a new group to a board, will the email calendar understand that “all groups” includes any new groups I would add? Time will tell.

Thanks for follow up @RoxanneR!

I can confirm that any new group created should automatically be included under the “all groups” setting! Let me know if this isn’t the case :+1: