Automations & Integrations Editable in 'Content Only' User Level

So I’m sure like many others I have team members who need to add & manage pulses but not be able to edit the board layout /columns/ settings/ Integrations/ Automations.

The 2 options available now both don’t quite work:

  1. The ‘Edit Content’ level in user permissions allows the user add and update pulses but they can still edit, delete automations / integrations which definitely should be editable by board admins only.

  2. The ‘Edit Rows Assigned to Them’ setting does stop them from editing automations and integrations, but they cannot add pulses. They still see the ‘add item’ button above the board but the pulse just appears for a brief second then vanishes. This feels a bit half baked and buggy to be honest.

Would be great if either the ‘edit content’ setting restricted access to editing automations/ integrations, or even better those icons were hidden at the top. Alternatively, if the ‘Edit Rows Assigned to Them’ setting allowed them to add pulses as normal that work. Or if the recently added ‘advanced perissions’ were an option below Enterprise.

I’ve considered the ‘Edit Rows Assigned to Them’ option with users needing to complete a form to add pulses, but then I have to either embed it or give them the link to find the form which seems weird as they’re logged in to Monday already.

Hi @Jack! We agree! We are working on incorporating permissions into automations and integrations that are parallel with board permissions, stay tuned! For now, just best practice for those who are not board owners to avoid the automation/integration stores :slight_smile: Cheers!


Great to hear Laura. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: