Automations tied to Calendar

Hello! I’m a resource coordinator for a post-production/animation studio and we use Monday to keep track of projects but also as a database tool for resources. It’s not quite the software I need for resources, but I took the challenge and found a way to make it work.

Since going remote, I looked into other options that are more specific to my Industry, but weirdly there aren’t any specific to my job in the industry… and so far none of them come close to what I’ve been able to build on Monday so I’ve decided to try to harder to make this work in a way that makes the most sense for what I do.

Since I’m keeping track of schedules of thousands of artists and their availabilities, is there a way I haven’t been able to figure out to tie something to the calendar? Basically, if I have a status column that has choices of “Booked” “Available” “Hold” etc. and that is tied to a date range-- I’d love it for the status to clear once it gets to that date so I don’t have to do it manually. i.e. a designer I want to use is booked elsewhere until May 31st, on June 1st the status would go from “booked” to “clear”. (or “unknown”. This would help so much instead of having to manually adjust these every time it gets to a date.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice!

Hello @Kelly,

I think that this automation may be the one you’re looking for: “When date arrives and a status is something, change it to something else”.
Hope it helps,

Hmm, this is partially working but I use a Gray status with No text as my “empty/not assigned” value so things are visually clean, and it doesn’t look like you can have it change back to a status that doesn’t have text in it? Does that make sense?

You can use this trick then. Modify the Gray status inserting and space in it. The status will appear as empty but monday will recognize it as a value. Then, within the automation, instead of selecting “is” select “is not”, and select as “something” the updated gray status. “The automation would look like this: When date arrives and a status is not _, change it to _”
Tell me if that works.