Automations to push Subitem column to items

@Matias.Monday Do you have any suggestions here?

Ive tried many attempts at figuring out how to have Items Status and People columns automated when changed to update the same columns in Subitems through Automations and via versa…update the Items when Sub items all match to change the Item. For example all Sub items status complete change Parent Item to complete. Haven’t been able to find an automation or app to do it.

The reason being is that we are using Items to represent Creative Projects and SubItems to represent the individual designs. There are a couple columns in the Subitems like Assigned Artist (people), and Status that have the Same columns in Items. I can’t use “Summary” columns because it is slow and it is not easy to assign subitems through the item summary column. Status is the same. 90% of the time the same person is assigned the Project but occasionally if there’s alot of subitems or a special subitem the project is split between people. It would be faster and easier if we assigned the Items and then changed the 1 in 100 subitem to another person and it updated the parent item’s people column to reflect two persons assigned now instead of one.

Rolled up subitems app certainly has potential but as far as I know it only pushes info to Items and doesn’t get info from Items and update Subitems. If anyone could suggest a means I could do this I would appreciate it. If I can’t resolve it I will likely have to create a local job using the API to poll items and subitems and update them but would rather have it be an automation. If someone knows of a method via web hook that would be ok too! Just need a point in the right direction.


Hello there @dean_m,

I am not sure if there are any apps that do this in both directions but you could use a webhook “When a column changes” which supports items and subitems.

Then when you get the webhook in your endpoint, you can check the column values of the item or the subitems and update the parent or the subitems accordingly in both directions.

What do you think?