Be able to aggregate items from multiple boards into one (Overview or Master Board)

We need a way to be able to view the contents of a board in several locations, eg. publish it to multiple places at once.

Or be able to have an Overview Board that can pull in data types with specific criteria into a single view.

We have one (sometimes more) boards per client and finding out my to do list across all those boards is crazy annoying. I want to create an Overview board where I can see my “To Do List” that includes across all boards. eg. more functional than “My Work” for example, because it’s “My Work” doesn’t allow you to filter on a particular status, and you can’t organize or filter all this data into an organized board, it’s too basic.

Should be basic functionality. Because in it’s existing for, this doesn’t scale. I have to click into each board, each item, hunt through subitems one by one. I know there is the “Search All” feature but that’s only good for Ad-Hoc queries. We need a dashboard to see "All items In Progress Assigned to " kind of thing, as an example.

Really critical we can do this, as we scale up.