Being able to see the full title of added files/documents and delete documents with long titles

I’ve been using for a couple of months now and find it so intuitive and easy to use for our small team. We produce training material for both classroom based and online/On Demand training. I’m charged with writing the practical exercises for the training. Because we use a couple of different platforms for this, I end up with word documents with very similar names being stored in the same place. What I’ve discovered is that when you only have a few Files added to a task and you click the black circle to see those files, you can’t see the full title of the file without having to click on the file and view it in a separate window. Hovering my mouse over the black circle gives me the full filename, but I can’t action them. If you have over 4 files, it gives you a (for example) +2 or +3 option in the bottom right of the window to click. When you click on that, it opens a much bigger viewing window and you can see all the files and their full titles easily. Would it be possible to have the ‘+’ there permanently in the bottom right corner, irrespective of how many files are there so I can quickly see the bigger viewing window and identify, remove and add files and documents quickly? This is something I do frequently as we update our software often which means tweaks and updates to the training materials.
I’ve also just discovered that if the document names are too long to be displayed properly in the files pop up window, I can’t delete them when they’re no longer required.