Being able to set dates as intervals on a timeline

In several cases in my projects I am needing to generate notifications for team members to do certain tasks at set intervals on a project, eg at the start, half-way through, and at the end of a project. automations, however, only allow for dates for notifications to be set on a specific due date, rather than being able to generate due dates based on timeline intervals.

It would be incredibly helpful to be able to set notification dates in automations based on intervals on timelines, or set intervals before and after a certain date.

I agree and wish there was a way to set up specific interim dates within a timeline column, even if they’re only visible and able to be set within certain Views like timeline or gantt, or are within the timeline column’s settings, so you get my upvote.

It would especially make labeling specific parts on a timeline or gantt chart possibly easier without needing several different items/subitems beneath the overall timeline that are essentially just mini timelines themselves instead of being a part of the larger item.

That said as a possible work around for your issue, that only has one date to worry about, are you able to set automation to both send a notification and then push that date forward by the chosen interval (ad infinitum) until a certain progress point is hit (like using status = done for a task to then automate clearing of the due date field and stopping the forward push cycle)?