Best approach to external application

We submitted an application that got denied because it isn’t a application thats integrated using the framework. The approach we took was using oAuth and the API, but it’s standalone.

With this, my though is to build a application that integrates with our application (that lives externally). My though would be when a column is updated, post to “our application”.

Would this be the correct approach to glue or application from monday,.com to our application so we can have a listing in the market place?


Hello there @FridayBilling,

If you add an integration feature as you mention, and the integration has a built-in trigger (when a column changes) that then calls your endpoint and you make your app work with monday’s boards, then it might be eligible.

Please present the new idea to the review team as you did the first time!


@Matias.Monday Thank you. I did this, but I am not seeing my automation kick off when a column changes. It seems very intermittent. When I change a column my trigger should run right away correct?

Hello again @FridayBilling,

It could take a few seconds but yes. It should be pretty immediate.

Would you be able to please fill this form ( adding as much information as possible to it (such as account ID, board IDs, item IDs, timestamps, etc.) so that our team can take a look into it?

Looking forward to hearing from you via the form!