Best practices - Multi-level deals

Hi everyone!

I am new to, have looked at everything in the knowledge base, but I find it hard to imagine a more advanced scenario.

I am a financial advisor managing insurance, investment, and mortgage products. I usually meet my clients (mostly couples) once a year for their revision.

So far, I thought about making a contact board and linking relevant boards to make a dashboard using information and connected board widgets like a traditional DB. My issue lies with reporting a simpler view to see the big picture, with low-level boards when I’m working on them.

Since I meet my customers once a year, I thought of making an interaction board for that yearly meeting and using sub-items to track tasks (insurance and transactions are a priority and have dedicated board, simpler tasks like an address change can be added to my regular tasks).

Although transactions are quite simple, I have no idea how to get a proper workflow for insurance products. They have the following steps showed in kanban view :

  1. Lead / Opportunity
  2. Qualification / Solution / Decision
  3. Underwriting
  4. eDelivery
  5. Compliance audit (add to insurance board with final fields)
  6. Official Delivery
  7. Accounting and internal audit

Each of these steps (that I would illustrate as kanban view) have different columns/needs, and only those relevant to the current step and needed, but will all be needed at the end of the process. For example, step 3 (underwriting) has multiple tasks to get done :

  • Protection illustration (asked, waiting for supplier)
  • Needs analysis (done)
  • Notice of replacement (done, needs to be signed)
  • Proposition (done, needs to be signed)
  • Void Check (waiting on client)

How should I structure so many steps? So far, I’ve simply manually added a new insurance lead in a board and have about 50 columns to the end. I’ve tried setting groups by the main step I’m at, which each have a view with hidden columns for the other steps. However, I may not have the void check until the delivery step, and have to monitor this as well.

Thanks for any tips and tricks!

I am in real estate and have a similar workflow. The approach I settled on is to have. a board for each major step in the the workflow – like your seven steps above. On each board each client/contract has several subitems which would correspond with your second list. Then I use automations that move the contract info from step to step and create the relevant subitems until the process is complete. You have to carefully think through each step and what triggers moving from one to the other, but once completed, it eliminates a ton of work/duplication of effort while increasing visibility. Plus it makes it easy to assign different tasks to folks and maintain visibility there too. I could practically write a book about this but hope it gets you started.