Best way to connect powerbi to Monday

I wonder if anyone has connected to monday`s API from PowerBI, and want to share a step by step…
I dont want to dev a API in the middle to translate.



Would be wonderful is board can act as a data source to PowerBI (and therefore Excel)


We are using Monday + BigQuery + DataStudio in order to get some proper statistics from our activity in Monday.
I set up a process that downloads items from specific boards (using the GraphQL api). I then take the response from that request and upload it to BigQuery as a table. I then query the table and create some views which expose the data I need in DataStudio. Then I connect DataStudio to these views and can make my reports.

I assume a similar approach would work for PowerBI. It is not the simplest solution, but is the only one I found to work that didn’t require writing a lot of code.

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Hi Pablo, I was wondering if you managed to connect from PowerBI to I’ve been trying it for days but without any success.


I made a query via python to a postgrSql. And made a odbc connection to that from PoweBI.

I’m still on a testing step, when I’m satisfied, I will move query to onsite servers and wil take use of PowerBI gateway for production .

I had some issues understanding the nature of “boards”. And to be honest, the Monday solution , that it creates board for al and anything , is a mess.

But we solved that (I think) by making some internal guidings for how to stage new boards.

Hope this was to any help.

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No, we haven’t. We are still on our BigQuery+DataStudio setup which we use for dashboards and KPIs.

Hey y’all!

I just hopped off a call with a client who had been working with PowerBI and We built a query together that pulled board data into a JSON object to be parsed by BI.

Here’s the code:

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Dipro :crystal_ball:

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Hi Dipro,

Thanks for sharing. This is really helpful. I appreciate it.


This is excellent!

A tip: I ignore your use case, but if you are handling boards with thousands of items, you might need to tweak the query to handle paging correctly.

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Good call, @PabloVerano!

Hi All. Jumping onto this thread with just my “two-cents”. I think the best way would be to have Monday integrated with Power Automate (MS Flow), which in turn is completely integrated with Power Bi. If interested, you can vote up my feature request for this integration.

I’ve improved script to automatically explode Monday columns in a table:

I’ve also created a NodeJS script and pushed it to Heroku to make it easier to import and format Monday items:
It also generates a token that only gives access to a single board, so you don’t have to expose your API Key in your report. The key is stored in a database, but if you want you can take the code and host yourself.


Do you mind explaining your lines of code? It’s nearly perfect for what I need but I’d like to understand it so I can make some modifications if need be.

Line 8 to 18 fetches from the Monday API
Line 19 converts the data inside “data -> board-> items” to a table with the column names “Title”, “Updated At”, “Group”, “Columns”

The magic is in line 20 to 26:

  1. Loops every row in the table using the TransformRows function
    • For every row, it creates a record with the “Title”, “Updated At” and “Group” columns
    • Loops the “Columns” data, appending the title and text of each one to the record
  2. Converts the records back to a table

The script worked great thank you!!
Do you know if there is a limit on the number of rows it can receive in PBI?

The limit is 16000 columns, I think you should be good