Best way to create items while avoiding duplicates


When importing an excel file manually to Monday, there is a cool feature that allows us to prevent any duplicates (‘Ignore the elements’ on a specific column).

I’m trying to reproduce this with the API. What is the best way to do it? Right now the only way I’ve found is :
1 - Query for every item of the board and the value of the choosen column :

  boards(ids: board_id){
      column_values(ids:["column_id"]) {

2 - Store every column value in my program.
3 - When sending the queries to create all the items, first check if the column value of the item that is about to be imported already exists in my stored column values, if it does the query is not sent.

I guess this solution will work but Im a bit worried about how heavy querying for every items could be considering my program would do that on multiple boards that can have above 5000 items. Is there any better way to do this?

Thanks for your help :smile:

Hi @PierreM!

Because of our API’s rate limits, I’m afraid this operation would be difficult to achieve without requiring the request of large amounts of data.

This kind of filtering is not currently possible, but I’m happy to pass this on to our development team for their consideration.

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