Best way to detect pulse creation?

So under API v1, I was using the “/v1/boards/{board_id}/pulses.json” method to find the latest created pulse on a board. How can I do this with v2? I have:

  boards(ids: 183208254) {
    items {

But not seeing what I can add to the items group to retrieve the creation date. Is there an alternate/better way to do this? Otherwise, when are webhooks coming out so I can capture the pulse creation that way?

Best, Jake

Hey Jake! Great question :slight_smile:

I think adding some metadata like creation date to the items and boards is a great idea! I’ll pass it to the team as feedback.

Our webhooks are currently in alpha testing – if you’d like to test them out, go ahead and reach out to so we can get you sorted :100:


Hi Dipro, are there any other ways to detect pulse creation under v2? Or would it pretty much be the webhooks for now?

Hey Jake, at the moment I’d suggest either using webhooks or storing the IDs of the already-created items in an array in your application, so you can check against it for new items.

I’m also going to loop in one of our devs, @Ayelet. Ayelet, do you have any more ideas for a workaround?

Hey @jake,
I agree with that the webhooks alpha feature is the best solution.
We are also working on a way to subscribe to a webhook via the GraphQL API so you will be able to do everything in your code without using the interface.

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