Best way to eliminate deleted items

Hi - I got distracted and my last post got closed before I could add on to it.

I still am having issues determining which items are actually showing on my boards versus those that have been deleted. On my boards I have items that have been deleted and are not showing on the screen but they are still showing in the API feeds as active. I expected them to have a status of ‘Deleted’.

Can someone from reach out to me directly so we can work this out?

hi @BRockoff

I am not :slight_smile: so don’t shoot the messenger.

When you delete an item the API state of the item will be “deleted”. However, if you delete a group with items in it the API state for the item will still be “active”. When I spoke monday team on this topic the reply was: “Correct, technically the item has not been deleted” :frowning:

So, if you want to make sure your API returns only items visible on your board you have to check the state of the group the item belongs to. To make it a little bit easier: a group does not have a state but a deleted property instead.

The item in the query below is not visible, but the API state of the item is active and the group is deleted.

PS: same happens when you archive a group (item state is still active) so you probably also want to check the archive property of the group.

Thanks for the clarification. No shoots fired except in frustration.

I follow what you are saying but, with all respect to the developers, that makes no sense. Why are they still active when the have been deleted?

What are the purpose of groups? I’m not sure I understand what they are trying to accomplish?

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Hi @BRockoff,

I believe I just responded to your ticket into appsupport@! Thank you @basdebruin for chiming in here. In this case I agree with Bas that this is perhaps the issue you’re running into.

As such, I’m going to move this thread into our Feature Requests section. As soon as this is released, I will post an announcement as well as update in this thread.

Thank you~