Best way to set up product inventory by language board

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if someone could help me set up a board for the best way to view available languages for an inventory of products. I currently have my board set up with rows for each product, and individual columns for each language. I’ve tried columns as checkmarks and statuses, but I still can’t manage to reconfigure the board/data in the dashboard to show which products are available in certain languages.

Ideally I’d like to be able to see in a dashboard:

  • List of languages with at least 1 product marked ‘available’ (to see overall list of languages we have translated products into; I’m wondering if maybe this could be automated as a separate Group – when status of any item in Product Group changes to available, add new item to Language Group – is this possible?)

  • View of product availability by language (e.g. An Inside Look at Type II Diabetes - available in English (US), English (AUS), Spanish

Any suggestions? Even if it requires a total redo of the board, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Thank you!