Better export of the Last updated and Creation Log columns

Now that we have started to use more intensively, we have a great need to be able to analyze the data stored in the system. For the time being, the dashboards functionality is super limited so I started trying to move the data somewhere else to make some charts and calculate some KPIs.
The issue I’m having now is that the Export functionality in the boards kind of destroys date information. For example, the Creation Log and Last updated columns export both the name of the user and the timestamp in a single column. By doing so, it forces us to go through an extra step of trying to filter or transform the data before we are actually able to use it.

This could be solved by splitting those columns in two, one for the user and one for the Timestamp.

Hi Pablo,

I had the same issue and fixed by doing data to text in excel, and then using Flash fill to combine First and Last name. Hope this helps. Same process for Creation Log …

Yes! That’s a good approach. THANK YOU!
I’ve just tried, but there’s so much inconsistency in the names that it pretty much calls for manual formatting of each row :sweat:


what column was that, that you tried to do data to text? Creation log or Last updated? seems very clunky :S and yes … you seem to have a problem at hand …

I tried with the Last Updated column (which gives me the date in which the sale was made, no matter how long ago the process started). I managed to work with the Creation Log column (there’s less variation because most leads are coming from an API connection), but it does not really give me the data I need.

Pablo … I feel your frustration.

I just tried something else (May not work for you - give it a try) I flash filled 3 times for each of the elements in the single cell … in terms of time it took a minute :S Hope it works. When you get to flash fill the DATE, you must turn on TEXT on the column before hitting Flashfill

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Also had this issue and luckily parsing the whole thing apart, and concatenating the date back together worked OK for us, BUT when doing so, had to build another field to convert the date as well as use a custom date format in excel.

All of this is then run by macro since the person using this info would be reporting on it weekly.

If the User Name and Date and Time could be 3 seperate fields (or at least 2, this would be ideal for both Last Updated and Created On fields!

Thanks Monday!

We ended up getting all data from the board directly into a BigQuery table and then parsing and cleaning up everything in there directly. I set up a syncing routine to keep it updated and… voilá! We got dashboards :slight_smile: