Better Integration with Zapier

After looking around, it seems like the Monday-Zapier integration [isn’t very useful].

This post on Zapier highlights this. Extract column data from field | Zapier Community

It seems like the data on a Monday board should be laid out in an operational why by columns and rows, like it is in Google Sheets on Zapier.

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 01.02.10.png

The whole point of Monday internally, it seems, is to operationalize the column data; but this is impossible through a Zapier integration.

I attempted a workaround: export item info into a Google Sheet through an integration. Unfortunately Google Sheets is not easily supported in an integration.

This is a big problem.

When I emailed the Monday team, Max stated Monday isn’t planning on reworking the Zapier integration, but mentioned that it should.

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