Bidirectional relation between task (advanced automation for experts maybe)

Hey all

i want to create a scenario like the following.

Imagine I have 3 Lists:

  1. Meta List
  2. Preboarding
  3. Onboaring

Meta list hast 3 columns: Open, Preboarding, Onboarding. Preboarding List has 3 Status: Start, Setup, Clean. This list is to show in wich stage the customer is.

Now, when I push a task from OPEN to PREBOARDING a new task should be created in Preboarding List. The Easy Part with automation.

Now comes the tricky part.

  1. I want to connect the new created Task to the Task in the Metalist with an automation
  2. When the new task on Preboarding List get status “Clean” the task will be moved to Onboarding List AND the Meta List Task should move to the next Stage onboarding.

How to solve this part?

Hello @guuyef !

  1. Use this custom automation.

This will connect the newly created task in preboarding with the one in open. To clarify, lists do not exist in monday as a terminology, so I assume you mean board. If you are reffering to groups and items in the same board, this is not possibly to do automatically, the connection will need to be done manually.

  1. You would need to use this automation

Again, I assume we are talking about boards.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at