Bitbucket integration: recipe request

I would like to use in the Bitbucket integration the following recipe that that is already available from the Github integration:


I’ve noticed that since the release of the Bitbucket integration no new recipes has been added to it. Monday will still support Bitbucket integration?

Hi @agranville

We plan to continue supporting this integration and I’d be happy to follow-up on what our team has in mind in terms of supporting future integrations with GitHub - are there any particular recipes you’d like to see implemented?

Hi Erick,

Thanks for reaching out.

My team actually needs a recipe for the Bitbucket integration, not GitHub.
The recipe that we need already exists in the Github integration and we would like to see it in the Bitbucket integration:

“When an item id is mentioned in comiit to this repository, create an update to the relevant item”

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Thanks, @agranville

Sorry for missing that, the GitHub screenshot threw me off a bit. I’ll pass this suggestion over to our integrations team for them to consider a similar or like recipe while using BitBucket :smile: