Bitskout - supercharging with no-code AI

Hey people!

We are about to launch a private beta of our platform called Bitskout. It allows to add AI capabilities without code to (more services to come). Using AI allows you to make decision based on context which in turn makes teams more productive and avoid waste of time.

You can create models via UI for images, videos, text and build your workflows based on selected parameters (e.g. text sentiment, key phrases, topics, image labels, image contents). There is a small extra - for each task which is approved by a workflow, the user gets a token allowing managers create reward schemes, convert them into existing point systems, run campaigns and etc.

Models then can be used a part of a workflow that is assigned per each task. Some use cases:

  • check the text sentiment to move draft article/PR to different groups for review
  • check image vs previous image to document equipment state
  • check automatically assess home damages to route to appropriate board for analysis
  • check that design templates have all the necessary buttons and text
  • check “before/after” picture to validates someones physical work (including location check).

If you are interested, please DM me and I will add you to private beta list. Otherwise, send your comments, we would really appreciate it.

Here is an example where my co-founder added a workflow to check sign-in page design templates to have necessary items like email, password, forgot password fields to avoid manual double checking. It is quite simple case for us but think about it in a span of larger team or organization. This tiny workflow saved us hours of unnecessary checks and sync ups + I got my token reward - in our team 1 token = 1 Fazer candy !

Thanks for any feedback!

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Hey @ilia510,

that’s amazing!

Really good job!

Hey there @ilia510 :wave:

Honestly, I’m a bit stunned at what you were able to come up with using our SDK and framework! I think it’s an amazing app and I appreciate you sharing this - I love the candy idea to make the team more engaged and also to remove unnecessary manual steps from the workflow.


Thanks a lot, guys! We are super excited to launch our platform and just can’t wait to see how it will help teams remove mundane work and be more engaged! As you’ve seen there, we’ve tested it on ourselves.

By the way, @AlexSavchuk, we are participating in Apps challenge and we have a company wide invite for Hence, if you wanna play with Beta, send me a message, I’ll send you the link.

Full public beta will start in September, hence, if anyone is interested, sign up in our website -


Hey there!

We are about to start a public beta. We’ve added an important feature to the platform - Text Analysis where you can use text analysis AI to:

  • automate PR function by analysing drafts and articles automatically
  • check RFP docs and route based on entities
  • automate customer review and feedback processing
  • build processes for documentation reviews

Here is a brief demo:

Functionality overview:


Hola everyone!

I hope you are doing good. We want to share a small use case that we’ve built to demo the possibilities of and Bitskout. I think it will be useful to many users and demonstrate the power of to build a really important metric tracker. We are starting to use it inside our startup as well. In this example we will build a Customer communication sentiment tracker to analyse how our organisation is communicating with customer.

I think it is no secret that we need to maintain positive attitude in our discussions. And this is the way you can build a dashboard to see how the teams are performing and understand early signs of NPS drift or churn.

This is how a dashboard might look like (can’t remove “Done” text :slight_smile: ):

This dashboard is collecting data from other boards in real time. Here is a sample of sales comms board:

You can use different ways to configure it, but what’s important is that Bitskout workflow is used to analyse text sentiment. Hence, there should be a boards where the communications are captured (emails, chat logs, etc.) and where per each iteration of communication a workflow is triggered. We’ve done it in a simple board that tracks emails.

Here is the use case video:


Hi there! Just a small update - Bitskout is finally live and supports and other tools.

You can sign up here - , we have enabled a 30 days trial. Also there is a live chat inside the platform where you can ask any question.

Check our Youtube channel for some use cases -

I hope with Bitskout you can create a new level of productivity and finally embrace A.I. in your processes. Feel free to ask any questions!


We’ve also created a new video demonstrating how to use Image Analysis. In this use cases we created a checklist for site warehouse acceptance where you receive packages and validate them using A.I. against your specification. And this way the delivery dashboard is updated to see if you have any delays in component deliveries.

It is important to highlight that workflows and A.I. models can have a temporary nature - you can create a set of models and workflows just for one project and then delete them.


Hey there!

A small update - we are participating in apps challenge and we’ve made some progress in integration with - now you don’t any special boards and extra columns! Everything works on Recipes and Views.

Installation overview:

And use cases overview:

We are also working on more use cases reusing existing board templates and showing how you can integrate A.I. into existing Monday board templates.


Hey Community!

We are starting a series of demos where we will augment existing templates to show you how Bitskout is integrated and what you can do with it. We will try to keep it as simple as possible so you can replicate it yourself.

First template is a simple Contact Us form where we add a sentiment analysis - here is the final functionality:

Here is the full blog:


In this video we show how you can augment Blogging template with Sentiment Check. Whether you run a corporate blog or a personal one, knowing which sentiment to apply to which topic and audience can be that game changer that will allow you drive engagement up.

A video demo:

And full blog post with details:

Bitskout platform is live with 14 days trial:


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And another use case, this time tracking inbound communications to build a dashboard to track customer communications sentiment.

We’ve used Contacts board and created an integration with Gmail where all emails with certain email address get into a certain group, and then we trigger Bitskout workflow to analyse the sentiment.

This way we can have a dashboard and see how what customer feel when talking to us. Such information can be used as an early warning to detect a potential churn, understand delays in sales cycle. Also it can be implemented internally to track employee feedback.

Here is a video showing how it works:

And a full blog post:

You can easily replicate it yourself - Bitskout has 14 days trial with no credit card required. Maybe, it can help you accelerate certain projects or detect potential issues before the year ends.

Merry Christmas to all!

The next use case is improving productivity in property management operations. What we’ve done is created a board per property, then added a form which can be used as a QR code in the property. Using this QR code, the cleaning team can open the form and upload the photos of the work done.

This will allow agency manager to spent more time with her newborn baby and avoid constant double checks. She could successfully delegate those tasks and with A.I. and several automations focus on the issues that matter.

Here is the video:

And a full blog post that you can use to replicate the setup:

Note that you can sign up for a personal demo via chat on our website where we can check your use case and see how A.I. can help.


One more level up for existing template - this time we’ve used a Sales Pipeline template from @Goya om Sales Pipeline):

It literally took 5 minutes to add Sentiment analysis:

A blog post:

As a side thought - if you track customer communications, analyse the sentiment, then at next iteration from Bitskout you will be able to predict deal closure dates automatically.


Another example of using A.I. - creating text summaries or talking points. This can be applied to any type of text - a document, a brief, a user request, feature descriptions and etc.

Talking points or key phrases can be used to build your content ontology in the way machines sees it. This way it can be universal across your organisation.

Here is the video of how it works:

And here is the blog post how to implement it. You can replicate it easily with your board.
Saving time via text summaries with and Bitskout A.I. - NLP talking points text analysis key phrases monday


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And another feature released today - document comparison. In the example we compare product labels to see the differences between the template and the produced label. Same thing with the packing list for shipments - using Bitskout you can automate comparison and avoid costly mistakes.

The result of the comparison is a joint image with highlighted differences.

And one more example of document comparison, this time supporting PDFs. Of course, you can compare easily two PDFs in Adobe Acrobat. The problem is that there is a lot of friction to achieve that - download the files, open Acrobat, select one file there, select another, then see the differences, and etc.

The difference here that comparison with Bitskout is a part of your project workflows - it happens where you work and it can be a trigger for the next step without you doing manual hassle.

You can use forms to upload documents and trigger sending results via email.

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Hey there!

We’ve just released a new functionality called data extraction allowing you to get data from any document, screenshot or form and map it to fields. In the video you will see how we get data from various sources like an invoice, a W-4 form, architectural drawing and a screenshot. Take a look:

We use a template matching functionality in our platform allowing you to setup a certain regions on the template and extract data from all similar documents.


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And this is how I’ve create those templates.

Screenshot Analysis:

Architectural Drawing

Forms Analysis

Invoice Analysis

Another use case that we see getting traction among our clients is related to capturing results of real-world work.

It works for clients from professional services, manufacturing, different vendors and also in property management. Any work that is done in real-world is being captured by a photo or video proof. And A.I. is used to analyse that the photo is legit.

This way companies can get several serious benefits:

  • Log a history of work
  • Capture expertise that are in their experts heads
  • collect proprietary data for a new wave of automations

Here is a small video about it:

Feel free to reach out for details.