Board Compact View and/or "Jump to..." Setting

Hello! I don’t believe this already exists, or I’m missing it and it’s buried in a random menu somewhere (apologies, if so), but I’d like to suggest a setting that allows users to change the spacing of groups within their specific boards and/or have a “Jump to” option in the menu bar.

This idea was spurred due to a board I work within that has 6 groups for project status differentiation. While I know that I can collapse a group entirely (or simply scroll), I was looking for a functionality that would reduce the space between them by 50%, or even 75%, of the default space (my display settings for item height are already set at single). This would mostly be for those with a personal preference for compact work spaces, but I could see a lot of use with improving general project visibility?

Alternatively/in addition to the above, for those boards with a lot of tasks housed under multiple groups, it would be awesome to have a “Jump to” option in the header, perhaps beside the “Filter” option? For those that want to maintain their board’s current layout/view and just quickly move to the desired section - sort of like the navigation functionality within a Word document when you assign Heading styles.

Thanks to the monday team for all that you done/will do! It’s one of my favorite systems I’ve even introduced to my work life. :star_struck: :relaxed: