Board description offer formatting and hyperlinks

Request the ability to have formatting similar to word within the board description. Ability to create hyperlinks would be a bonus. We’d like to format this section to highlight certain items and also allow for clickable links. We are forced to maintain another area in Confluence to hold some simple information that we want hold in

We can format this topic box to submit a feature request, i.e. bullets, numbers, bold text. Yet we do not have the same functionality within the board description. There are so many requests for this feature from over a year ago. Please consider this request to make the board more functional for all.

There’s an item on their roadmap that states

As opposed to the current board description, the new one will have the following:
-Rich text (like we have in updates)
-Board meta-data: board creator, creation time. board subscribers, last seen, last updates
-An option to pin/unpin the description to the board

However, it is currently listed as In The Pipeline with no expected date of completion

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