Board hangs on getting items in GraphQL

Hi everybody.
I try to get board items using boards/items GraphQL get query. It worked fine, but after some period this query is getting hang and does not respond. Board contains more than 1000 records, also with subitems.
But If I duplicate this board, this query works fine against it.
So I think original board contains some garbage and cannot be read.
Is there any way to make it healthy again?

Thanks, Sergey.

What kind of response did you get from GraphQL? It could very well be a complexity error which was thrown. If you try the same query while you got new credits (once every minute) it might work again.

Well, I just get “Upstream request timeout” error after 70 seconds. When I repeat, I just get the same error and cannot move forward.
Duplicating of this board to new board solves the problem. So I think there is some garbage inside the board that prevents to read the data.
Is there any way to cleanup/reindex the board?

Hello @snb,

Which query are you using?

{ boards (ids: SOME_ID) { items { id name column_values { title type value} } } }

@snb what if you use pagination as explained here?

You could limit the items per page and then just go trough the pages until you get all the results.

To avoid hitting the rate limits, you could query for the complexity points usage, quota and seconds until the next reset and use that information to use timeouts when the limit is about to be reached.

  boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    items(limit: 25, page: 1) {
      column_values {

Thanks, I will try!

Let us know how that goes!