Board_id in sessionToken

  • What feature are you requesting?

sessionToken currently contains client_id, user_id: 14977964, account_id, slug, app_id and install_id(always null?) fields.
The idea is to add board_id and view_id to this set

  • How would this feature make your experience better?

I’m using sessionToken to verify on my backend whether current user should have access to one of views in my app. I also need to check whether they have access to given board, and this is non trivial.
In order to do that I would need to redirect the user through Oauth flow, so that I can get an api token, and use it later on my backend.

Having board_id on sessionToken would serve as a trusted information for me, and I would not need to implement complicated authorisation flow in my app.

  • What is the use case or scenario that this feature could be helpful in?

Administrator installed my app. Users are entering the board view, the experience is seamless for them, they are not asked for Oauth authentication of the app. I as an app vendor don’t need to store api tokens for each user.

Hey @GTG - thank you so much for submitting that, I can definitely see how that would be helpful.


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