Board Ideas for AirBnB Hosts

I shared some of these ideas in the FB group as someone asked for ideas on how to manage their AirBnB property. Thought I’d share here too if anyone was interested.

What kind of info are you looking to manage? Just thinking as an AirBnB user my host might want to know name, # of people in party (# column), arrival date & departure date (timeline), planned arrival time (hour or text column), if you have international guests maybe the country/time zone column for communication preferences. If you have multiple rooms in one property I’d suggest making groups for each room. You can then use the calendar view and each room/group will be a different colour. Additionally you could create a status column where you mark them checked out and it moves them to an old booking group.

Thanks for sharing this Krishele :slight_smile: would be cool to see how you would build a board for this use case and to see a screenshot of a template board? This would be a great starting point for all the Airbnb Hosts using to manage their properties!

Here’s a few ideas on how to set up the board, with basic automations and a basic form.

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Think this is super cool – GREAT starting point for anyone managing rentals!