Board Item Menu Help

Hey everyone,
I am new to the Monday API and I think I have finally figured out workflows, but I am looking for resources or sample files on board menu items.

I haven’t been able to find any sample code officially released by dev team for the new board menu items. Can someone point me to some sample code OR if no sample code is available are any of the sample files on · GitHub compatible with “board menu items”. Any advice on file requirements or tips on building board menu items would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @sensiblerehab,

Are you referring to the new app features? If so, we have the documentation here :slight_smile:


I’d add this is relevant too, since it shows the context object from the SDK for board menu features. monday.get

Thanks Rachel, I have read and re-read this documentation and have “created a feature” but it doesn’t show up when I try to explore the marketplace. I am assuming that I am missing some expected code structure to the board feature. But I am at a loss on what are required components for a board item feature.

Thanks @codyfrisch I will read through this documentation.

You wont see it in the marketplace. For apps to be in the marketplace they have to undergo a review process and be published by to it.

I do agree there is a dearth of information on these features, and an example would be very helpful.

But they are UI like features where you’d put buttons or such for actions to perform. So you are creating something that is HTML based and creates a view.

@codyfrisch thanks for your help! So what I am understanding is that if I have it added to my developer account it should automatically be popping up on my feature list. Is the overall format similar to creating a new board view? I will try and read through that section of the developer documentation and hopefully there is more helpful content there. Is the overall framework similar, seems like it should be?

Last question, Do you know if there are any requirements for the Icon URL. There is nothing listed on the documentation that @rachelatmonday listed? Icon size, format, etc.

I don’t know anything about the icon URL - I have to assume its just a URL to a PNG file thats like 32X32 based on what i see… Once you have the feature created, it should start appearing when you click the three dots of an item, or the apps on the toolbar at the bottom with multiple items selected. (or the group for a group menu).

It does for me, even without uploading a build or anything!

Don’t forget to refresh the board with ctrl+f5 as well, all the apps stuff only loads at page load or such, its not going to show up on a board that hasn’t been refreshed yet.