Board Item permissions via API

Currently we can only view simple board permissions VIA API - it is one of 4 String values.
So in our app, in order to know whether to allow the user to make an attempt on updating/deleting an item we need to recreate the logic behind what we figure Monday will allow.

Ideally we’d like to have an API method that would give us the board item permissions for the requester.

If that is not a possibility and we still need to recreate the logic, there is an issue with “assignee” option (“Edit the board’s content without changing its structure”) on the Board permissions settings: it allows the administrator to set the columns, which serve the purpose of determining the “assignee”, and that setting is returned nowhere in the API, making recreation of the logic impossible for the boards with more than 1 “people” type column. So at the bare minimum we need this setting exposed via API.

Make the API call, if it fails, return an error saying they don’t have permission to edit that item. Why get more complicated?

Our application displays some things based on the permissions user has, for example we display the columns as inputs only if the user can edit. We believe it is a much better experience for the user if he knows from the start that he can not modify certain things rather than just letting him try and fail.