Board items API not returning inactive users

We’re doing a board/items query, and one of the fields queried is for a staff person (e.g., a task’s implementor).
If that staff person leaves, their Monday account is (I assume) disabled, but now they do not show up in the API results - they come up as “” in the JSON. According to the person reporting this, they do still show up in the UI, but not in the API output or Excel export.

We consider this a significant bug - the UI and API should always provide consistent results.

Hi @mjmarshall, welcome to our community!

At this time, what you’re seeing is indeed expected behavior. Currently, if a user is disabled, they will not show up when you query column values of items they have been assigned.

I can definitely empathize with where you’re coming from, so I’m happy to submit this as feedback. However, I do want to point out (as mentioned by my colleague in a previous post):

“We have a dedicated R&D team that is responsible for maintaining our dev tools and API. Like you mentioned, we can’t develop every feature – and we won’t get to a place where every feature in the GUI is also available in the API. But there are some core functionalities that we can prioritize based on our users’ needs.”

Thank you for your feedback! Leaving this in the “Feature Requests” section for now.

Helen, I must strongly disagree that this is a “feature request” - it’s a bug.

The UI is displaying the inactive user as expected, but the API is not - this is not just inaccurate, but it’s also misleading - the API says that field is not populated (empty), when in fact it does have a value. If that API data is being used in a report to management (for example), that report will be wrong.

That is a bug.

Hi @mjmarshall,

I can see where you’re coming from. I know that if I was expecting to see an active user’s name in the query response, I would also expect to see the deactivated user’s name in the same query response.

Internally for our team, the difference between a feature request and a bug is that while a bug is a feature that has been released but is not working as expected, a feature request something that does not exist/has not been built out yet.

Perhaps the way to go here is to insert the user’s name in a Text column instead? This way, even if the user were to leave, their names would still exist in the Text column.

Same issue here, and I think it is a bug in the sense that the current implementation does not match the documentation.
The documentation mentions a boolean field “enabled” - suggesting it will have a value of false on inactive users. However, you cannot query inactive users and field “enabled” with always have the value true.