Board level totals

As a user, I would appreciate the ability to view board level totals of number and time tracker columns

Currently, this logic is applied only to board groups of pulses. If a board has many pulses, it would be a logical extension to have a board totals as well (all groups)

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Hi Danny - we actually have this feature already for the numbers column.

You can see the total of the column for the entire board in the pop-out menu when you click on the footer of any of the groups:

For time tracking, the way to see a total for the board is through the dashboards using the time tracking widget:


Time tracking has been great. We use it for all our contractors who bill us hourly. We require them to log their hours in a private board that is shared with accounting.

Hey Brad, so cool! Would you share a version of that board in the β€œ for” category here in the community? (of course removing any sensitive information)? I think other users could really benefit from seeing this use case :slight_smile: