Board permissions in template

Wouldn’t it be nice to setup board permissions in your private templates? Or save a current board with board permissions as a template. In my use case (I use 4 different boards for 1 solution) I need to set board permissions each time I create a solution (need to set it in 4 boards).


Hey @basdebruin,

Justin here :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing this feedback. I agree this would be useful to have. :slight_smile:

I can not guarantee anything, but I will be sure to pass this along to our team for review. Keep rocking it and sharing your thoughts.

You help make us better. :slight_smile: Feel free to share any use cases you may have in other areas as well.


Now that the API V2 supports creating boards from a template (wow…very nice :slight_smile:) it is even more important that templates supports board permissions. My solution uses multiple (4) boards and some boards need to be set to “Edit rows assigned to them in the Owner(s) column” while other boards are set to “Edit content”.