Board Updates Widget: Filter by Person, Tag, Type

I want to build a dashboard where the whole team can see all of the updates but I only want the team to see updates with a certain hashtag or by a certain person (for example, I want to hide the automation updates because they are needed per item but not for the whole team), or I’d like them to see only updates that contain a link or a piece of media.

Sharon, I am following to see if you get a reply. I am also looking to be able to search updates based on hashtags. I am trying to build a knowledge base but when I use the widget it shows all updates without a way to filter by hashtag. I was going to use search everything, but I only want the users to search the one board and searching by updates is not yet a feature.

No Update or answer so far. We decided to stick to Slack for certain updates which is unfortunate because it requires us to post twice