Board user presence management

When I schedule a task, I’d like this task timeline to integrate the presence of the assigned user(s) and postpone its end date accordingly:

  • if a user has a vacation period included in the scheduled timeline of the task: the end date of this task timeline should be recalculated automatically and rescheduled.

I would suggest a new featured board (type of template) where we could:

  • list every single users over a selection of boards
  • enter the vacation periods in a calendar
  • link this board to the project board
    this link would then allow an automated update of the timelines based on the presence and leave periods of the assignee.
    This process would only work if the timelines are defined automatically based on their start or end date and a time estimate (see Timeline based on start or end date and a time estimate).

Thanks for any input and I hope this will catch your attention.