Board view widgets can’t get board data when viewer is logged in

Hi All

I developed a board view app which works perfectly when a full member of the board uses it.

However, it doesn’t work when a guest or viewer is logged in.

The issue seems to be that a call to the api via the Sdk doesn’t return any data when A viewer or a guest is logged in to the parent monday web app. This is consistent with the response from the API playground (although via the Sdk, I get a more cryptic error message m, but the status code is the same: 403).

My question is: how are board view / widget apps supposed to be built so they can access board data even when a guest is logged in?

This is one of the main reasons why we chose Monday: the ability to expose bespoke content to external parties.



Hey there @jaacquees :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to the community and I appreciate your patience as we get to this request :slight_smile:

I will try and get an answer to this question for you as soon as I can from the team, but to be transparent, we’re somewhat backlogged right now due to the holidays in Israel and our limited capacity. Just to make sure we aren’t missing anything along the way, how are your OAuth scopes set up so far?

I’ll get back to you here as soon as I can with further detail.


Oauth scopes: until recently I only had boards:read which was sufficient for my app when a normal member of the team is logged in.

When I realised the issue with guests/viewers, I ticked all the other scopes. It didn’t help.

Thanks Alex

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Got it, thanks for the update! I am still waiting on the team to take a further look here with me, but as soon as we’re able to dig into this further, I’ll get back to you here.


Hey @jaacquees,

I have clarified this with the team further and I’m afraid that at the time, monday.apps do not support Viewer-role users. This is something we are aware of and the team has discussed this in detail to make sure we are able to improve the experience here for our developers. At the time, I’m afraid there is no way to allow viewers to make API calls from within an app - I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

That said, I really appreciate your feedback here and I want to make sure we address this behavior with the team and see how we can make this better for you.


Here is a thought: the sdk makes some data available to the app: settings applied, details on the view (split / full, light / dark) board Ids, which items are enabled by the filter, etc. Why not add the full details of the items (names + all column names and values)? Any user viewing the app will be, by definition, a viewer of this info in the “Main Table” view of the board, so access control would be preserved. It would avoid the app making its own api call, when the data is right there in the parent app… any board view or widget will almost always need data from the board, why not make it available directly through the context?

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Hi @jaacquees!
This sounds like a good idea! :slight_smile:
Our team is looking into that and we are evaluating it to add to our roadmap

That would be great and save me hours of code!