Board views API does not return settings_str data

When I make an API call for board views it returns a blank array for all the settings_str data:

query = """
    boards( ids: [ 1234567890 ] ) {
        views {

I get back:

3: {'settings_str': '{}', 'name': 'New, Needs Review', 'id': '44701764'}

4: {'settings_str': '{}', 'name': 'Edited, Needs Review', 'id': '44702406'}

5: {'settings_str': '{}', 'name': 'Needs Edits', 'id': '44702772'}

6: {'settings_str': '{}', 'name': 'Ready to Publish', 'id': '44703140'}

7: {'settings_str': '{}', 'name': 'Published', 'id': '54916567'}

The only view which returns any settings data is a form view. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks guys!

Hello there @MrAwesome,

Not all views will have settings_str to show.

Which pieces of information are you expecting to get (and not getting)?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks for responding so quickly!

We use mainly table views. Is that why the settings_str shows no information?

I was hoping to use the data to find instances of views–typically table views–without any specific settings, so we can remove them from the boards and clean them up a bit.

Does the documentation list which views will have settings_str to show?

I didn’t see it in the Board Views documentation, but I could have missed it.

Thanks again!

Hello again @MrAwesome,

It is logical for views created from a filtered main table to not have settings.

For example, apps with board views that have settings for the user to interact with, will display said settings.

We do not have such data in our documentation but I will share this with our team so that they can take this into account and hopefully add it :grin:

Can I help you in some other way while we wait for the documentation?

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Thanks, Matias!

That’s all I was after. If I could access the settings for filtered table views it would be very helpful. Sometimes users may create a view mistakenly, so it would be nice to have a more automatic way (in our use case) to remove unnecessary views to clean up our boards.

As a user story it might look like:

As an admin, I want to access table settings data, via the API, so that I can programmatically remove any views which contain specific settings data, such as None, or Null.

We can close this ticket.

Thanks for sharing my suggestion with the development team, and have wonderful day!

All the best,

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Hello again @MrAwesome,

Thank you for sharing this feedback!!

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