Board Views - Get a ViewID and BoardID

I have created a custom board view that allows users to launch a program and I am attempting to make it dynamic to allow a user to use multiple accounts. At the current moment all I am getting is their token, which provides me the monday accountid and userid. However, this does not specify which board or view it ties to and thus I am unable to store more than one authorization per account / user.

Has anyone created, seen or worked with a view that is dynamic ? Are there anyways to get the users current state like the URL they are on which contains the boardid and viewid?

I have only seen it happen in other apps is within the integrations… but I need it for the board view.

Thank you!! Please let me know.

Hey @mclaughlin5360 ,

That’s a great question :slight_smile:

You can definitely achieve this by using our SDK. There is a method called monday.get, and you can use it to get details about the context of your app. For a Board View, this includes the Board View ID, as well as the Board ID.

You can find more info on that below:
monday-sdk-js - GitHub

I think that would be your best bet here. :slight_smile: I hope this helps.