boardId in request for custom field type

Hi All,

I am planning an integration which uses a custom field type (dropdown) and the dropdown should be populated with values I retrieve from a database. The request made to the URL specified in the custom field type is made as soon as the user clicks the field in the recipe. However the request only contains an accountId and an userId. Would be very helpful if it also contains the boardId from the board the automation is about to inserted to. There is a backToUrl field available in the request, but that is empty. If that would contain the URL of the board where the the automation is added to I could extract the boardId from that URL.

Any ideas how to populate a dropdown (custom field type) dynamically based on account Id and boardId?

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Hi there @basdebruin :wave:

That’s a great question!

To be transparent with you, I have not had a chance to play around with this myself just yet, but after looking at the documentation for integration apps, it seems like this should be possible to retrieve within the subscription flow itself:

Here is the section I think is relevant in your case:

Do you think that kind of approach would work for you?


HI @AlexSavchuk

Thanks for the answer. I am indeed doing exactly that. Probably I phrased this one not clear enough. The question is not about the subscription flow but about the request that is sent when using custom field types and where I need to respons to with a JSON object containing the values of a dropdown.

What I want is to populate that dropdown in the recipe. I get the request to the URL specified in the custom field type, but that request includes only accountId, userId and backToUrl (which is empty). The values I want to respond with are in a database stored on an accountId / boardId key. Not having access to the boardId in that request makes it impossible for me to respond with the correct dropdown values.


@basdebruin Thank you for clarifying and I’m sorry I didn’t catch that from the initial post :wink:

I’ll ask our developers to take a further look at your request here and perhaps they will be able to provide a suggestion that can help you achieve the result you are looking for. Otherwise, I’ll have their attention on this as a great feature improvement suggestion :slight_smile:

As soon as there is any news from our end regarding building something like this, I’ll get back to you here.


I second this request. This would be great to have in time for the monday app hackathon!

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Hey @basdebruin and @t10i!

I’ve just heard back from our development team on this and they have explained that the reason you are not getting the board ID as part of the context call is actually an intentional decision at this point as we are trying to implement a more system-wide approach here. I’m afraid I am not able to share too much detail at this point or to provide a specific ETA, but it turns out we are aware of this need and are already working on making this functionality available :slight_smile: