Boards losing webhooks by themselves


As I was trying to run an export function for one of our boards, I noticed that the webhook that was previously being used for this process ( was no longer working. I looked at the board itself, and noticed that our app was no longer integrated with the board (in this case board # 1480631202). I looked around and saw that this was the case with all of my boards…there was not any board that was integrated with my app, as if somebody came and removed the app from the boards while I was sleeping.

This in itself isn’t a big deal, as I can just re-add the app, giving me a different webhook url to use…but it’s really important for me to know why this happened, and if possible, how to avoid this in the future. I want to do everything I can to make sure that my client does not have to deal with this at all, if I am not available for them at the moment. I don’t think I did anything, maybe something inadvertent? Or is there some kind of automatic time-out for the webhook?

For your information, I noticed this (ran the export function with the old webhook that didn’t do anything) at about 11:30pm UTC today, Nov 4 (or 1:30 am local time, Nov 5). As of this afternoon for me it was working fine. I’d appreciate if you could tell me what happened / how the app got unregistered, or if this is something normal that I should expect and need to learn to deal with.

Thanks so much,


Hey Moshe,

This is certainly strange behaviour. When you add a recipe to a board, it should stay on the board. I’m not sure why all the recipes disappeared for you.

I’m going to open a support ticket with you, so we can get all the applicable details over email.

great. I figured maybe the answer would be in your logs somewhere, but sounds like it may not be that simple.