Bread Crums in My Work Tab

A client of mine uses Monday Work OS to manage repetitive mini-projects. Each mini-project is a main item on a board. They’re grouped and there are several dozens of them. Each of these main items has the same subtasks. So you have for example an “Analyze this” subtask in each main item on the board. Now, assuming the sub-task are assigned to resources, and the resources are using the “My Work” tab to see what their work is for today. They will see the subtask “Analyze this” multiple times, missing the context of the parent item.

The first problem is that it is very difficult to see which of the main items is the parent of this sub-task on the “My Work” tab since it only shows the Board name and the Group name, but not the Main Item of the sub-task in its task list.

The second problem that is when you open that sub-task from the ”My Work” tab, you see a pop-up window with the sub-task information, and again the Board and the Group name, but not the Main Item name. Also here one can click on the Board Name and jump to that Board, but one can not click on the Group Name or on the missing Main Item name, to get more context to work the task.

Imagine the board has a dozen groups and each has several Main Items, with other subtasks that contain necessary information to complete the task at hand. It is essential to quickly and correctly identify the context of the sub-task at hand, but this is pretty much impossible, because that sub-ask name is the same (from the shares template) in each of the Main Items, and there is no reference back from the sub-task to the parent.

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem, or could you implement a better, complete “bread-crums” path to the sub-task at hand, in your next product update?