Breaking changes concerns 2023-10 and the future has announced that support for the current default API version, 2023-07, is ending January 15, 2024.

The new version, 2023-10, is set to become the default as of January 15, 2024. According to monday, there are breaking changes coming with this new version.

This community post in the Make community precisely captures my concerns. We can afford to wait until Monday for a potential solution, but waiting for months is not an option. Especially because we don’t know what the solution will be.

I’m also concerned about the long-term implications of these API changes. If we’re facing breaking changes now, will this happen more often in the future? The investment of 40+ hours (for the company that I work for) for each significant API update from Monday is already steep. As we continue to build more integrations and create scenarios, this time will only increase.

I’m interested in understanding whether Monday has plans to introduce breaking changes more frequently. This information is crucial as we evaluate whether to continue our partnership with Monday or seek a more stable alternative.


Hello there @Stan,

I can’t speak for how Make will handle their end, but on monday’s end, this version with these many breaking changes is very unusual and will probably not happen again any time soon.

You can see for now the next version after 2023-10 has no breaking changes so far.

All changes will of course be announced as soon as we can.


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