BUG? How to prevent refresh the page when access openItemCard


The button is triggering the following code:

monday.execute(‘openItemCard’, { itemId: 973937553 });

As you can see in the video, when the popup open and close, the page behind the popup will refresh, this is causing serious performance issue to our custom app (the amount of our data is very large and it keep retrieving the data again and again), it wasn’t like this before, can I know what is the problem?

Br, YH

Hey @yarhuoy

Thanks for the feedback.

It seems that some changes are now visible in a view App where I use Edit Item.
Before I believe that an item name change was not displayed unless I did a whole data refresh.

I wish Edit Item Close would send an event or a response with the list of values that changed.
Ideally I would love to get both before and after values, but that may be just me :slight_smile:.


Hey @yarhuoy, are you looking to use a monday app in conjunction with the item card view?

I would think about posting here: monday Apps & Developers - monday Community

This bug has been fixed, thanks guys :smiley: