BUG: "mirror column on parent" (subtask formula column) - Restrictions do NOT work

Hi Monday.

I can’t restrict a subtask formula column once it has been mirrored on the parent line. The error I get is simply “Cannot lock column/Cannot hide column”

We use Monday as a pipeline and I am trying to evolve our workflow by using the subtasks feature.

The parent line contains general information on the deal but the details about the qty, values, product, etc are found in the subtasks because some deals are made up of many products with their own pricing. However we want to see the sum total value of a deal on the parent line without opening the subtasks. That’s why we mirror.

Once we propose a solution it might have several products like a,b,c but sometimes there is a a1 and a2 (variations of a product). For historical reasons we want to save this data but we don’t want to include the value of a1 and a2 becaue the customer will only choose one of them.

That’s why I set up a formula column with a checkmark column (Include?) - whereas “If checked” then include values in the number column “Value per year (EUR)” - in the calculation (formula column, which is mirrored on the parent) “if not checed” then replace value with 0.

IF({Include?}=TRUE,{Value per year (EUR)},0)

This works beautifully but my concern is that I want to restrict the formula column to be edited by anyone other than me.

But as stated above. In a subtask: a mirrored formula column cannot be locked or hidden.

Can you please fix this?