Bug: with activity_logs object


it’s almost few weeks that I’m working on this and I’ve noticed several issues with the activity_logs object.

  1. When I get activity_logs for a single board, it stops sending responses after 100th page.

I’m sure that there are more items, I load 100 items per page, and 100th page also returns 100 items and this is obvious that there are more items that I can consume. But 101th page returns empty array.

  1. Few days ago it wasn’t like this. At least I was able to get until 201th page :slight_smile:
    But at that time I found another issue. Some activity logs didn’t appear when I’ve requested activity_logs without specifying item_id.

When I have requested activity_logs individually for each task, I was able to get all activity_logs for all items.

It sounds like there is a limitation or a bug there.

Could you please help me to get all items activity_logs within some batch requests. I don’t want to get those by specifying item ids.


Hello there,

Our activity logs have a limit for events in a board. The limit is 10k records.

With your limit being 100 records per page, after 100 pages, you have reached the limit.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks for your answer. It makes sense. Would it be possible to remove that limitation as it can be beneficial for many users.


Hello again @nairihar,

I will create a request for it :smile:

Having said that, I would not count on it changing in the near future.

Let me know if you have any other questions!