Built-in Trigger "When a status changes to something"

Does anyone know what happened to the built-in trigger “When a status changes to something”?

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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hi Jim,

That is a very interesting one. With the new builder interface I can’t find it either. An existing app using the trigger still shows it however.

@AlexSavchuk can you shine a light?

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Hello @JCorrell and @basdebruin!

The trigger is still here under “status changes”

Once you click on the “status” field, the rest of the sentence should show up:

Could you find it? What do you think of this UI?

Your feedback about this new layout is very important!


hi @Matias.Monday

I don’t think this is the one that is missing. I miss the status to specific trigger when adding a recipe to an app and select the trigger. In fact: I just tried to test it again and there are no monday triggers available at all.


Same here… now ALL the triggers are missing

at least that is consistent :slight_smile:

Hello again!

That was unexpected behaviour which we were not aware of. I let our R&D team know about this and they said that they fixed the issue and it should be working fine now.

Thank you @JCorrell @basdebruin for giving us a heads up about this!

Community making the difference :muscle: !



Okay, now we are back to where we started… “when status changes to something” is still missing.

Assuming that this is how things are supposed to be, when adding the custom integration recipe to a board, a new dialog that allows the user to specify the rest of the trigger condition “changes to something” should be displayed.

It is not.

Same here, the monday triggers are back in business but the trigger “When status change to a specific value” is still missing.


This is not resolved.

There has been a major change to how the custom integration recipes work. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have had to put a hold on the development work I was doing. It is unclear at this point how triggers and actions are supposed to interact going forward. It doesn’t appear that the change of making triggers and actions interoperable has been fully thought through… At the very least, not from the perspective of people who are trying to develop apps using the monday framework.

Can we get some information on what we should be expecting and when the documentation relative to the changes might be available.

I am relatively new to working in this area and have been relying on the existing documentation for guidance. Only to find out that much of it is no longer valid.

@basdebruin @rob is there some information available that I’m not aware of?

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hi @JCorrell
I think the complete overhaul of the apps framework caught us all by surprise. All my existing apps are still working and I think I have found my way in the new UI. The recipes sentences are now split up between the trigger part and the action part and are configured in the corresponding triggers and actions. It looks somewhat more straightforward to me but I agree that the documentation needs to be adjusted ASAP.

I also noticed that some of my existing apps has multiple actions where it had originally only one action. It looks like this is all done in preparation for an upcoming change where triggers and actions can be mixed using the custom automations builder. Although this sounds really cool there might be an issue when the action of an app is called without going through the custom trigger (and therefore the subscribe). Curious to know how the solve that and the OAuth flow as @rob mentioned.


I guess that my biggest frustration was due to the fact that things were literally changing as I was learning them… feeling a bit lost right now. I was wondering at points if maybe I had just imagined what I had seen earlier. Hopefully the fog will clear quickly.

Hi @JCorrell!

I am so sorry about the confusion. I thought you were talking about the bug we fixed. I understand now what you say about the missing trigger. The “When status changes to something” trigger for the recipe builder in the feature editor of the apps. This trigger will be added soon. I do not have a specific date but it should be added in about a week or two.

I realize it can be frustrating having to relearn some things that changed and I hope you don’t find the new changes too confusing. Regarding documentation, I do not have an ETA on the release of the articles but they should be uploaded in the near future. Hopefully that documentation will give you a better understanding about the changes.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns here!



Thank you for circling back.

Is there any chance that we could get a impromptu webinar explaining the fundamental changes?


I will take the idea and will let you know if we can arrange for this to happen in the near future.

It is a great idea and I will keep you posted!



Thank you. I appreciate your responsiveness and help.

Custom integrations works only if a “original” integrations has already been added to a board and so the user has granted permissions thru OAuth2 process.

Hi all,

Is this related to the fact that the built-in trigger ’ When any Column Changes’ is also no longer available when making a custom integration recipe?

Thank you!

Kind regards,

hi @Matias.Monday

Great news that it will be reintroduced. Would it be possible to enhance that trigger a little bit and let the designer chose if the “Anything” status should be shown when picking it from the recipe. The “Anything” leads to some confusion.

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I’d be interested in this too.