Bulk actions for Replication

We have a large set of Boards that we developed to help clients to run their operations and manage compliance.
When a client onboards, we have to manually duplicate, move, rename (to remove duplicate of ) and share with internal members and external client guests, which also means making it shareable, since our source boards aren’t shareable by default.

Possible solutions are more robust bulk actions, like replicating a Workspace or copying folders (with boards intact ).
Or more robust APIs to allow for actions and automating that process.

I am open to other solutions, but so far I have not found anything that would accomplish this.

Thank you

Hi @Andrew

Are you using template boards to onboard a new client? This might bring down the numbers of actions you need to do. In one of my apps I create boards (shareable, main or private) out of templates triggered by a status change. Yes, there are still some things to do (like setting permissions) that can’t be done in the API but it is far more less than duplicating boards, rename them etc. You could also have a look at creating an app (Workspace templates) where can put all kind of boards in a workspace and when onboarding a new client just create from that template and everything shows up in a new folder.