Bulk add new groups

We are standardizing our workflow for future events (we do corporate event planning and trade shows) and we like to break our work up into weekly sprints. We have a group created for every week up to each event. We then add all of the tasks we know have to be completed to the board, give them deadlines, and put them in the appropriate weakly group.

We have a ton of boards already created that need more groups and it would be so incredible if there was a way to create new groups in bulk, or duplicate them in bulk, and add them to an existing board. My only recourse right now, besides doing this manually, is to create a new board from a template and then move the existing board’s tasks to the new board.

I hope this makes sense and that I’m not the only one that needs this feature. Thanks.

You can use the batch select feature to select the entire group or set of items and then move them to a board.
It’s pretty easy as the duplicated items will remain selected.
A couple of clicks and you are good.

There’s also the recurring task automation that you can use if there’s a set time-frame for those actions.

Thanks for the reply. What I am looking for is an easier way to batch duplicate the group structure as well, not just items. For instance, if we have a board with empty groups but we want to copy those groups to another board to re-use the structure right now the only ways to do it is manually or one by one.

Sounds like the template option will work the best for this case