Button action dependency

It would be awesome to be able to link the button column to a status column that would determine the action performed when the button is pushed. What I am thinking of is a status column you change to the action you want to perform, in my case it would be options such as:

Deploy Project
Pause Project
Archive Project
and so on…

Then when you hit the button, it performs the selected action. Kind of like an ‘Execute’ button for the action displayed in the status column. In my case, I do a lot with webhooks. So let’s say there’s three available actions in the action column, when you hit the execute button it would send the webhook to the endpoint appropriate for that action. Currently I can do this just by picking the appropriate action in the status column, but it executes immediately, meaning if the user hits the wrong option accidentally they have to manually undo every automation triggered by the column change. I hope this makes sense and that others might find this useful.