Button in a notice message

In a notice message I would like the display a button, similar to the undo button in a notice when deleting an item on a board. Can this be added to the SDK?

Hi @fatih!

At this time I’m afraid we don’t offer a button capability for notifications in our SDK.

I imagine that the way to “undo” something in an app now would be to leverage a board’s activity logs on your end. Maybe this is something you can implement within your view app? Unfortunately it wouldn’t be within a notification like you had hoped though.

In any case, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our Product team for review. Perhaps this feature will come out in the future!

Hey @Helen,

Good to hear from you! I only want to display a button in a notice and pass a callback so I can control what happens when a user presses the button. I do not want undo functionality.

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Got it! Thanks for clarifying.

I have forwarded this accordingly.

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