By default choose current account on the app authorization screen

Hi, would it be possible to improve the way the app authorization screen works by choosing by default the account user is currently on?

What happens very often is that a user uses their profile on several monday accounts (e.g. private free account and company account). Then when a new app is installed, the authorization screen is displayed with automatically preselected account and it happens very often that chosen account is NOT the one the user is currently on. My guess is that users do not notice the little dropdown in the right top corner and simply click “Authorize”. Then what happens is that the user authorized the app for the wrong monday account and can’t enter the app at all. Often uninstalling and installing the app does not solve the issue. Thanks in advance!

Yes please, it’s such a pain when user authorizes wrong account by mistake!

Thank you for the feedback and the request!

This is already accounted for. See this section “OAuth flow for users with multiple accounts” of the OAuth and Permissions documentation for two methods.

First one, you can construct the redirect URL using the account subdomain in question, and it will default to it. The second you can specify the subdomain you’re authorizing for as a query parameter, and it will take away the option to authorize for any other account.

Hi Cody, thanks for reaching out with tips and documentation. Our team is currently verifying it.