Calculate Profits among a few conditions

Hi there, my objective and goal with this is to calculate my NET PROFIT. After a condition.

Here is my deal status board for my real estate company, I want to calculate.
Sale price- Purchase price - expenses. But ONLY if the SALE price column is filled out. If it (Sales Price) is not filled, I want it to return with 0 or blank.

When I have the formula set for this without the condition. On deals we haven’t yet sold, it shows -60,000 or -100,000 for net profit etc. And it messes up my KPI’s, thanks!

Hi @Aliq21,

Did you try?

IF({Sale Price}<>0,{Sale price}-{Purchase price}-{expenses},0)

Hi Cavin, yes I just tried it. Same issue is showing.

Add a screenshot of your formula, because it shouldn’t give you the same result.

Here’s two screenshots of t

he formula already set and utilized

Indeed it is a bug. Try:

IF({Sale Price}>0,{Sale price}-{Purchase price}-{expenses},0)
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Wow, thanks so much Cavin. That worked!!!