Calculate status label in formula

Hi all,

I have 20 items on a board, and connect the board to a high level board. On the low level board I have a status column for one item to mark as unique for an automation. I want to mirror this status up to the high level board but when I do it shows me 1 item / 20 items when I just want to see that one status label.

To work around this, I’m hoping to calculate the status label on the low level board, and to do this, want to say “When status is null, be empty, if not, show me the label”. Can anyone tell me please the best way to do this?

I was trying something like this but it doesn’t work - IF({Unique Status} = null, “”, {Unique Status})

Hey Shauna,

It is possible for you to share a screenshot of your set up/roadblock you’re running into, just so I can set this up on my end and work towards a resolution?