Calculating a Due Date for a Recurring Group

We have a recurring list of tasks associated with Payroll which happens every 2 weeks. This group of pulses is 30 tasks and each has its own deadline. We currently have an automation to duplicate the group every 2 weeks on Monday. However, the deadlines need to manually be updated for every single pulse for the new group that’s created. I can’t figure out a way to calculate the due dates so that they autogenerate for the next period (and exclude weekends of course). Does anyone have recommendations on how to combine deadlines, formulas, automations, dependencies to be able to auto role a group of tasks to the next period with relevant due dates?

Hi @keames! Would you be able to use this combination to push out your dates?
image combined with this recipe: image You can add in “0” under some days for the date to show as the creation date. Thoughts?

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That works great, thanks for your help!